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Vessel on handling
    07:00 - 20/06/2018 08:00 - 23/06/2018
    Cargo; Berth No.1
  • VŨ GIA 18
    15:45 - 21/06/2018 07:00 - 24/06/2018
    Cargo; Berth No.1
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Port Security

“The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) represents the culmination of just over a year’s intensive work by IMO’s Maritime Committee and its Maritime Security working Group since the twenty-second session of the Assembly adopted the Resolution A.924(22) on the review of measures and procedures to prevent acts of terrorism which threaren the security of passegers and crews and the safety of ships, in November 2001.
The ISPS Code was adopted by one the resolutions that were adopted on 12 December 2002 by the Conference of Contracting Government to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974 (London, 9 to 13 December 2002). Another resolutions also includes the necessary amendments to chapters V and XI of SOLAS by which compliance with Code will become mandatory on 1 July 2004, if deemed accepted on 1 January 2004. The existing chapter XI of SOLAS was amended and re-identified as chapter XI-1 and a new chapter XI-2 was adopted on special measures to enhance maritime security. The ISPS Code and the amendmente to SOLAS are set out in this publication, as are other resolutions (relating to the work that will need to be completed before the Code can be implemented in 2004 and the revision of the Code, technical co-opertion, and co-operative work with the International Labour Organization and the World Customs Organization) that were adopted by the Conference.” (The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code)
To meet the ISPS Code requirements and the Decision No.170/2004/QD - BGTVT dated 16/01/2004 of Transportation Ministry on amendment and supplement of SOLAS 74 Convention and ISPS Code, Chan May Port has been evaluating the seaport security situation and make plans in the coming time. As a result, Viet Nam Maritime Administration certified Chan May Port the “Statement of compliance of a port facility” No.ISPS/SoCPF/065/VN dated June 22nd, 2005 that offers Chan May Port an important condition and advantages for vessel to safely berth in and leave out.

Annually, the periodical manoeuvres and proposals for the internal security evaluation has been intensively performed in Chan May Port. Therefore, Vietnam Maritime annually certificated Chan May Port the seaport operated compliant with the Seaport Security.


Staffs on Seaport Security duty:
Mr. Hoang Trung Chinh           - Administrative Department
Tel: 054.3891841           HP: 0982.173.022          Email: chinhcmport@gmail.com

Mr. Bui Viet Phong                  - Security Division
Tel: 054.2217059           HP: 0907.078.202