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Green World – The 34th woodchip vessel docked in Chan May in 2016

Đăng ngày 06/12/2016


On December 12, 2016, the woodchip vessel Green World – Nationality of Panama docked at Chan May Port.

It is the 34th vessel of woodchips docked at Chan May Port in 2016. After the Green World, the productivity of woodchips exported through Chan May Port go up to 1,019,739.34 tons (occupies 135% of productivity target in 2016). Woodchip through Chan May Port is mainly exported to China and Japan.


Green World Vessel was built in 1996, with LOA of 199.91m and Gross tonnage of 49,673DWT, carrying 35,000 tons of cargo.


As planned, in the morning of 10 December, 2016, MS Green World will leave the port and the next is Hao Hung 66 continuing loading woodchip. According to the Operation Department, in December, Chan May Port will accommodate 3 more vessels of woodchips, promising a successful business year.