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Vessel on handling
    08:00 - 15/06/2018 15:00 - 19/06/2018
    Cargo; Berth No.1
  • ĐẠI LỤC 18
    21:30 - 17/06/2018 07:00 - 20/06/2018
    Cargo; Berth No.1
    14:00 - 19/06/2018 17:00 - 21/06/2018
    Cargo; Berth No.1
  • HẠ LONG 09
    16:30 - 19/06/2018 08:00 - 21/06/2018
    Cargo; Berth No.1
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Chan May port is a general focal seaport (type 1) of Vietnam, also one of 46 ports chosen to be the destination for cruise ships in South-East Asia by Asia Cruise Association (ACA). The port is located conveniently on the sea route linking Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong. In addition, Chan May Port is located in the center of Vietnam, between the two largest cities in Central (Hue - Da Nang), among tourist destinations of the country (Canh Duong Beach - Lang Co Beach - Hai Van Pass, Bach Ma National Park) and the national tourist city of Hue. It’s also the closest and the most favorable gateway to the East Sea and the regions of the East-West Economic Corridor connection between the Central – Vietnam with Middle-Lower of Laos, North-Eastern of Thailand and Myanmar.

Currently, Chan May port has the berth No.01 with 480m berths, of which 360m berths  with the depth -12.5m. The Port has the ability to accommodate cargo vessels up to 50,000DWT and passenger ships up to 225,282GRT and 362m in length. Thus, Chan May port can meet all conditions and potentials to become the terminal for the world largest and latest cruise ships. The inside is 120m berths with the depth -6.1m can accommodate cargo vessel up to 3.000DWT.

To fulfill the region’s needs, Chan May port is building the Berth No.02 with 280m berths to accommodate cargo vessels up to 50,000DWT.

Chan May port is looking forward to receiving the support and cooperation of investors and customers. We always define the requirements and suggestions of investors and customers to be the motivation to help Chan May Port develop and improve the service quality.